Cloud Based Technology Powers The Reservation System

POTHOS, Inc. - Technology Corporate Travel & Business MobilityPOTHOS has partnered with Amadeus, cloud based technology as our central reservation system provider. Amadeus provides access to the largest inventory of discounted travel information available. With offices in over 217 markets worldwide, Amadeus is the largest GDS (Global Distribution System) in the world.

Through the Amadeus System more than 79,500 travel agency locations and over 25,800 airline sales offices around the world are able to make bookings with:

  • some 480 airlines, representing more than 95% of the world’s scheduled airline seats
  • over 61,400 hotel properties
  • some 42 car rental companies, serving over 31,000 locations
  • other travel provider groups (ferry, rail, cruise, insurance companies and tour operators)

Amadeus is the chosen technology partner for providers, sellers, and buyers of travel. The company provides distribution, IT and point-of-sale solutions to help its customers adapt, grow and succeed in the fast-changing travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, railway companies, ferry lines, cruise lines, insurance companies and tour operators), travel sellers (travel agencies) and travel buyers (corporations and travelers). Solutions are grouped in four solution categories — Distribution & Content, Sales & e-Commerce, Business Management and Services & Consulting.

Today’s travel industry is seeing rapid growth, high customer expectations, fierce competition and pressure on margins. This is a market driven by new technologies, new entrants and new business models. In this challenging world, Amadeus is not only the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, but a leader in delivering a wider range of superior technology to help you tackle the issues you face.

POTHOS understands it is important for our clients to have a high level of service standard, utilize existing discount programs and negotiate volume agreements with preferred carriers where applicable. POTHOS has access to and can book lowest tariff’s available including internet based fares.

All aspects of air travel can be met. Scheduled and non-scheduled passenger flights, chartered flights and if need be logistics/freight transportation can be scheduled. Multiple airlines can be sourced and suggestions made based on the objectives our client is looking to fulfill. Private contract fare’s that are not in our clients name are not available.

  • Ticket delivery timing; if an E-ticket, issue is normally between a few minutes to a few hours from placing the ticket on queue. If paper ticket, the type of overnight service will have to be selected based on the departure date and would be chosen as to incur the least cost on the client.
  • Itineraries are distributed via email regardless of paper or e-ticket.
  • Travelers are notified via phone and email (paper trail/documentation) if flight changes occur.
  • As a boutique agency, we operate as an Executive/VIP program providing a higher level of service than is offered elsewhere. This is evidenced in the unrestricted access the client and its travelers have to dedicated management in POTHOS. The VIP and Executive services include, but are not limited to booking event tickets, scheduling car service, advising travelers on frequent flyer programs, booking personal traveling utilizing POTHOS extensive resources for value pricing and alike.
  • POTHOS can, on request of the client, book airlines that do not make themselves available to travel agents (Southwest, JetBlue, etc.) thru the Travel Agent computer system (Amadeus GDS).
  • The most important soft dollar savings is our dedication to service and providing VIP/Executive styled service, as previously discussed, to all travelers.
  • Each traveler with frequent flyer status will have their reservation documented for preferred seating and/or being placed on the upgrade queue as requested by the traveler. Upgrades and seat requests are always based on availability and thus can’t be guaranteed but every effort will be made in accordance with traveler requests.
  • POTHOS will provide options, if requested, for alternate flight arrangements in order to save cost.
  • All air itineraries need to be reviewed and approved by the designate before ticket will be issued.
  • POTHOS will follow any company travel policies whether booked through traditional means or thru and online solution.

Besides individual travel bookings, POTHOS offers a web based corporate self-booking tool called “E-Travel Management.” E-Travel Management has been developed by Amadeus and is the leading self-service travel booking software on the market.

Why does E-Travel Management make sense?

There are a number of reasons. First of all – considering the amount of travel bookings needed; it provides substantial cost saving opportunities as the costs per booking are significantly lower.

Amadeus E-Travel Management enables effective financial reporting and control of the costs associated with corporate travel. More tightly managed costs will lead to greater travel savings and faster return on your investment – typically within just a matter of months. Amadeus E-Travel Management can help to reduce ticketing and transaction costs by up to 50% and reduce average ticket prices by up to 10%. The solution offers extensive customizable reporting capabilities, which will help you to track your savings and adjust your travel programme accordingly.

Secondly, E-Travel Management allows your employees to book policy-compliant travel over the Internet. Put in another way, the E-Travel Management system is a desktop icon that travelers can access directly to book travel from their desk. Hence, additional cost and time saving opportunities can be realized.

Experience has shown that the quick and simple use of E-Travel Management has a significant positive impact on the adoption rate by company’s employees. As a direct outcome economies of scale can be achieved easier and faster.

Furthermore, E-Travel Management integrates easily and transparently into your existing IT infrastructure what reveals further time and cost saving opportunities. Also, this software would give our client fast and secure single-screen access to a comprehensive and relevant choice of travel content.

A very important advantage of this totally automatic system is the increased control of processes. E-Travel Management allows you to quickly and easily implement and manage policies within your organization’s travel programme – for both individuals and groups or departments, at a local level or worldwide. There are no limits when it comes to set up rules and regulations. POTHOS can script the travel policy based on your very unique requirements. Thus, as E-Travel Management automatically applies corporate policies and company negotiated contracts (such as with Enterprise car rental), our client can ensure travelers make air, car, and hotel reservations in policy and on budget.

Further gains to this are that through the written rules which are established by your organization, important cost controls are gained as well as no-errors along with the simplicity of booking. POTHOS acts more like a gatekeeper/TMC focusing on strategic goals and adoption rate as well as QC and is only visible if someone tries to book outside of the established parameters set forth by our client or needs customer service.

Amadeus E-Travel Management also enables our client to enhance the security of your travelers with full traveler tracking and reporting capabilities. You will know where they are at all times and be able to react immediately to minimize the impact of any unexpected events, giving you the benefit of complete peace of mind.

Since the system is totally automated there is no need for POTHOS onsite staff – the non-utilization of extra personnel provides an important cost savings opportunity. As E-Travel Management does not require establishing an onsite satellite office and as GDS functionality is accomplished via a web link, there is also no need for a GDS dedicated computer, modem or unique space.

A designated travel coordinator in your organization can be assigned a higher (admin) functionality and operate the system thru a normal company desktop. This dedicated liaison can still work with POTHOS on a daily (as needed) basis virtually. POTHOS finds this method has advantages in both cost/value proposition and in service to customers (travelers). If there are any issues with tickets booked through E-Travel Management (e. g. need for authorization, bookings done outside the recommended patterns), the PNR will go directly to POTHOS headquarters in San Diego and will be dealt with by our staff (on-call 24/7). POTHOS will review and make the appropriate corrections through the liaison at your organization and once the issue is solved will issue the PNR. Travelers needing assistance will be provided the appropriate email/ phone numbers in order to reach the designated representative.

Please consider, E-Travel Management will not issue a ticket until authorized by your organization’s representative assigned to make those authorizations – it is up to our client to decide who the authorized travelers are (list of those travelers needs to be sent to POTHOS).

For those employees who need to utilize E-Travel Management training will be provided (via web and/or classroom style).

Quality Control

By utilizing Quality Control, our client can be assured the same “quality assessment” is being utilized as when booking tickets with POTHOS directly. E-Travel Management has automatic safeguards in place that will not allow a ticket to be issued until all “QA” procedures have been satisfied. As mentioned before, if something is not correct the ticket is sent to POTHOS and it is then our responsibility to contact the traveler and fix the error before tickets will be issued.

Error free transactions, hotel and air contract compliance and ensuring that corporate travel policies are followed are just a few of the benefits available if our client implements the QC technology.

QC is both a Quality Check tool and efficiency, file finishing tool used by travel consultants. There are 100 routines that can be applied to each reservation both to ensure reservation accuracy as well as file finishing capabilities allowing your dedicated Corporate Travel Consultant to service you more efficiently and quickly.

The over 100 routines completed by QC include for instance:

  • Automated Itinerary Updates and E-Ticket Expiration Warning – it lets the traveler know by e-mail or fax of any itinerary changes.
  • Seat finder – Assures the best possible seat, based on the passenger’s preference. It continues to look for a traveler’s preferred seating until departure, secures the seat, and automatically alerts the traveler by e-mail or fax.
  • Waitlist clearance – Repeatedly attempts to clear waitlisted flights or fares. This feature is programmed to check airline inventory repeatedly 24/7.
  • Quality controller – Re-checks the details pertaining to each reservation including date and time for accuracy, travel policy specifics and accurate reporting.
  • E-mail you and your travel manager with itinerary updates.
  • Let you know about an airline schedule change.
  • Inform you of the latest travel advisories.
  • Remind you of passport or other International travel requirements.

Below you can find a checklist of some more rules applied by QC. Please consider the rule descriptions noted on the following pages have been simplified for clarity sake. Additional rule conditions may apply. In many cases rule overrides exist. Please enquire for more details.

And what’s more…

Amadeus e-Travel Management also contains sophisticated reporting capabilities so that you have a clear idea of how to bargain efficiently with travel suppliers. Take the next step in controlling T&E costs.

Beyond this integrated reporting, POTHOS also uses iBank for powerful reporting capabilities that has direct user (client purchasing department) interfaces.


It is possible to add to E-Travel Management the Total Reporter “iBank” (powered by Cornerstone) which is the most complete tool available in the industry for reporting. iBank provides corporate customers with online, user-specific access to both pre-ticketed and post-ticketed travel data 24 hours a day. Over 100 reports to select from including graph, overview and detail reporting on all air, car and hotel bookings as well as ability to create customized reports. Put in another way, with iBank utilization, reporting is capable of any request your organization requires. Weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting with as many options as you see fit for tracking of spend is available. This comprehensive reporting structure will ensure all of the reports and additional reporting our client requests will be covered and would be accessible by the travel coordinator 24/7.

Examples of iBank reports:

Account Summary Air – 12 Month Trend, Account Summary Air – Year to Year Comparison, Advance Booking – Air, Car and Hotel, Air Activity, Analysis by City – Hotel, Analysis by Vendor – Car and Hotel, Arrival, Car Activity, Class of Service, Company Users, Concurrent Segments Booked, Departures Electronic Invoice – Combined, Executive Summary with Graphs, Executive Summary Year to Year, Fare Savings, Hotel Activity, Hotel Missed Bookings, Negotiated Savings, Passengers on a Plane, PNR History,

Published Savings , Quick Summary, Quick Summary by Month, Service Fee Detail by Transaction, Service Fee Detail by Trip, Service Fee User Defined Reports, Service Fees Report, Service Fees Summary, Ticket Tracker Detail Report, Ticket Tracker – Non-refundable Alerts, Ticket Tracker – Unused Tickets, Transaction Analysis by Credit Card, Trip Changes – Air, Trip Detail, Trip Duration

Regardless of the size of your company, the needs of your internal and external customers are important to POTHOS. POTHOS’ ability to provide your organization with cutting edge technology and to satisfy your needs regarding employee travel should be clear. Travel should not be a chore. Business needs a seamless service that employs the latest technology but also provides an organization with the highest level of customer service. In a world which moves at the speed of light, it is imperative that a company provides both dynamic solutions and customer service on a scale that is constantly progressing.

Air travel can be complicated with delays, weather, availability, traffic and so forth. Knowing these patterns, monitoring world events and just being up-to-date is imperative for any organization. POTHOS works consistently to be informed and to keep our travelers abreast of any details ahead of time which might lead to delays in an effort to provide solutions or to simply prepare our travelers for what to expect. We partner with several vendors that provide these types of add on services.

POTHOS also can provide your executive management/VIP’s with the high level of service they require and with value. As a boutique company our ability to provide personalized service is very important. Our current VIP clients revel in their ability to contact us at their convenience to communicate changes and inquire about future destinations. Our ability to find cost savings and avoidance drives incremental monies right to the bottom line exceeding goals of the stakeholders and shareholders. POTHOS has established strategic partnerships in 35 countries around the globe. Our industry knowledge and attendance at major international trade shows allows us to operate on any continent in the world and provide recommendations regarding flights, hotels, car service, restaurants, shows, etc. We are truly a global provider!

Our current clients include high level company executives from several different sectors and our ability to meet the stringent demands of executive needs is well documented. If your organization is experiencing service disconnects with your current provider of travel services I invite you to at least explore the options presented to you in this proposal and ensure your organization is in fact getting what they pay for!

Emergency and After-Hours Services

POTHOS encourages our travelers to know the email and phone number to the POTHOS office and mobile numbers, as we prefer to handle as many needs, personally, as we can. In the event that you are overseas and require travel emergency assistance, POTHOS has 24/7 capabilities to help. An after hour toll-free number is also available for ticketing issues should staff be inaccessible (additional fee). Real time travel advisories, security warnings, weather and alike (for additional fee).